Natural Focus Safaris


Family Holidays

Australia and New Zealand have all the stuff of childhood fantasies, from epic landscapes to strange, beautiful wildlife, plus a wide range of family-friendly properties offering a range of exciting activities to suit all ages. [Read More]

Wildlife and Wilderness

Many of Australia and New Zealand’s native animals are found nowhere else on earth. Amongst the best known are the kangaroo, koala, kiwi, platypus, and the Tasmanian devil. [Read More]

Active Adventures

Luxury Adventures

Australia and New Zealand’s timeless landscapes and enveloping oceans offer a huge number of opportunities for luxury adventures including hiking, snorkelling kayaking and sailing. [Read More]

Victoria Wine Country

Food and Wine Getaways

Australia and New Zealand’s unique multicultural heritage and fertile landscapes have given rise to a disproportional number of fantastic restaurants, as well as many fabulous food and wine trails. [Read More]

Reef and Coast Explorations

Some of Australia and New Zealand’s best-known attractions are along their coastlines, from gorgeous beaches, unspoilt bush and pristine coral reefs to exuberant waterfront cities. [Read More]

Romantic Escapes

Breathtaking settings, liquid sunsets and tranquil, intimate hideaways with nothing but nature all around you – Australia and New Zealand brim with destinations that will set your hearts aflutter. [Read More]