Discover Antarctica on an expedition cruise

The great white wilderness at the bottom of the earth remains one of the wildest, most exciting and wondrous destinations on the planet.

Most Antarctic cruise operators are based out of Ushuaia at the tip of South America, where as Heritage Expeditions is the only company that specialises in cruises to the Ross Sea region sometimes referred to as ‘the heart of Antarctica’.

The remote East Antarctic coastline is locked under ice for most of the year, making the Ross Sea region one of is the last great unspoiled part of the world’s oceans. During these short summer months, the Ross Sea is home to an abundance of wildlife including Adélie and Emperor penguins as well as numerous whale and seal species. It is also rich in birdlife including Snow Petrels, South Polar Skuas, and Southern Fulmars.

 With only a select number of departures to the region only a few hundred people are able to visit each year – making this region of Antarctica a true privilege to explore.

Ross Sea and East Antarctica

The sea was first discovered by Sir James Clark Ross in 1841. Though there was some whaling here during the 1920’s the region has remained mostly undisturbed. To the west of the Ross Sea is East Antarctica, discovered by the French explorer Dumont d’Urville. The region wasn’t mapped in detail until the Australian Antarctic Expedition team, led by Sir Douglas Mawson, visited from 1911 to 1913. On the mainland, there are 5 historic huts that create a real sense of Antarctic history that comes to life; Borchgrevink’s Hut at Cape Adare, Shackleton’s Hut at Cape Royds, Mawson’s Huts at Cape Denison, Scott’s Huts at Cape Evans and Hut Point. A visit to one or more of these huts is a truly unique experience.

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