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What is the approximate budget? As an indication you can quickly tally the costs as shown in our brochure for the major tours you think you might like to take. Please be aware that currency exchange rates may have changed since the publication of the brochure, thus subjecting the listed prices to the possibility of increase. Airfares to our destinations also vary considerably, but for economy class you should budget for at least $2,500 per person. If you prefer you can leave this section blank and we can discuss it with you.
(For 4 or more people travelling together, or for family groups, it is sometimes more appropriate to arrange private itineraries and we can easily arrange this).
On some tours there are age restrictions (both upper and lower limits) and this may be important when considering which tours to undertake. Please select multiple if applicable.
If there is any additional information you think may help us to arrange your ideal trip please advise:

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